Client Endorsements:

​Equity Ltd, represented our company several years ago and we did not sell the company.  However, Rob & Doug contacted us in 2012, to sell the company again.  Our company was sold in late 2013, our company was a large rural retail operation, and it was difficult to sell, given our location.  However, after identifying key purchaser, Rob & Doug were successful in the sale and bank negotiations, for the entire team.  Rob was instrumental in negotiations with the bank, to come up with an out of the box financing plan, that was a complete success!  We ended up holding a significate portion of the sale under contract, however, within 3 years in 2016, Rob & Doug were successful in the refinance of the entire transaction with a local bank.  Therefore, in 2016 we were complete paid off in full.  The new owners are successful and growing our business beyond our expectations!  We were blessed to work with the team at Equity Ltd, as the team is life long friends.

​Company Confidential-

To whom it may concern:
Doug Fournier handled the transaction when we purchased our business in December of 1997. Doug displayed a strong and deep base of knowledge. He never failed to be professional, ethical and forthright. Since we purchased our business with his help, I have referred five or six prospective clients to Doug and I will continue to recommend him to my friends. I will be happy to talk with anyone who is looking for a recommendation."

- Ronald J Dykstra
AccuServe Corporation

"Dan Holbert, MBA was the Business Broker when I bought my business in 1996. He was always there to answer any questions that came up, regardless if it took a phone call, or several calls until I was satisfied. I was so impressed with his professionalism and service, that when I was ready to sell it in 2002, I looked him up to be my Broker".

- Bob Furney

"Equity Ltd. gave us excellent representation. They followed through on all aspects of our business transactions with honesty and diligence."

- Nancy Petrosky

"Very reliable and trustworthy. Worked hard to sell our business and property."

- Elsie Woodrow

It was great to see you the other day at Office Max. Shelley and I talked about how the time flies since the salon has been sold. Also, Shelley mentioned that her family really enjoyed working with you through the transaction."

                                                                                                                                    -Thanks again, Steve Frody

Our past clients and banking relationships are our best source of referrals!